Question: Can you give us any suggestion as to how we can be more alert during morning meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: If you find that it is impossible to remain alert at the Centre at six a.m., then the best thing to do is to meditate at home. The traditional way of meditating is every day, early in the morning. Morning meditation is of greatest importance. If anybody is extremely tired and exhausted, or is feeling sleepy, or straining his eyes, or finding difficulty in meditating here, then he should not come. Please meditate at home. There you can meditate while sleeping. If you meditate that way here, you will ruin the sincere aspiration of your spiritual brothers and sisters. We shall not mind at all if you do not or cannot come in the mornings. But if you do come, kindly come fully prepared to meditate well and to inspire others to meditate well. In that way you will inspire others and others will inspire you.