Oneness has to become fulness. Oneness has to become complete and perfect, and that perfection comes only from expansion, expansion, expansion. The imagination of the mind will try to get joy by saying, “I am one with the whole world.” But the mind’s oneness is all theoretical. The heart will say, “Am I one with my own body, first of all? Have I established my oneness with my big toe, with my defective knee, with my back pain?” I have to know if my oneness with my whole body is perfect. If any part of my body is dislocated or defective, have I established my oneness with that part?

Many times, if something is bothering us, we do not establish our oneness with that thing. We establish our oneness only with goodness. It is so easy for me to appreciate my biceps and triceps. When I look at some other part of my body, I do not get that same joy. But I must also get joy from the places where I am weak. If I see a very strong person, I get joy. Again, if I notice somebody who is weaker than the weakest, I may not get joy. But oneness has to be universal, because God created both the strong man and the weak man. I have to be one with the strength of the strongest man, and again, I have to be one with the man who is weaker than the weakest.

Oneness has to spread. We have to have oneness with the little flower and with the big tree. As soon as we see a flower or fruit, it is so easy for us to have the feeling of oneness, but we may totally ignore the huge tree. We look at the flower or fruit and we are satisfied; we do not pay any attention to the tree. But who produced this little flower and fruit? It was the tree. Again, who produced the tree? It was God Himself. Some human beings have achieved so many things. But who created those human beings? Again, it was God. By expanding our feeling of oneness with the creation, we can reach God.