If we want to see the Beauty of God’s Face, the Divinity of God’s Face, the Immortality of God’s Face, if we want to see God’s Face in His own universe, then we shall have to entirely depend on God’s Grace. Our capacity comes only from God’s Grace.

We separate our capacity from God’s Grace. We say, “I practise; that is why I am able to lift heavy weights.” But God will say, “Who gave you that readiness, willingness and eagerness to get up early in the morning and lift weights?”

God’s Grace always comes first. God’s Grace is inside everything, but we do not believe it. When we achieve something on the physical plane, we give credit to our own physical activities. But who gave us the inspiration, who gave us the readiness, willingness and eagerness to achieve that thing? It was God who gave us His Grace.

God’s Grace is always responsible for our success, for our progress, for our perfection and for our satisfaction.