If we want to make ourselves truly happy, perfectly happy, unimaginably happy, then we must develop the power of forgiveness. And this forgiveness not only shall we apply to people who have done wrong things to us, but also we shall have to apply most powerfully to ourselves. We have to forgive ourselves for all the bad things we have done. Otherwise, we will not be able to go forward — never, never!

If we do not forgive ourselves for what we did ten years ago, then what will happen? Our guilty conscience will be like ten dead elephants that we have to drag along with us. But if we want to have deer speed, then we shall not only forgive others, but we shall also forgive ourselves. In order to be truly happy, unimaginably happy, infinitely happy, we have to apply forgiveness both to the world around us and to ourselves. Otherwise, we will only carry with us countless dead elephants. Who can be happy when he is forced to carry hundreds of elephants?

Forgiveness is of utmost importance. Forgive the world around you, those who have done something wrong to you, and forgive yourself for what you have done, but with the view that you will not commit the same mistake again. Before, you committed the mistake of not identifying yourself with the whole world. That is why forgiving the world was such a difficult task. But forgiveness becomes easier than the easiest if we take the right attitude, which is that we have to go forward, we have to go forward, we have to go forward. We cannot allow the weight of dead elephants to make us fall behind all the time.

The quickest method to become happy is to forgive the world. Sooner than the soonest the miracle-power of forgiveness will give us happiness.