If there is true love, then we will never see the world as imperfect. We say that this world is imperfect, we see it as imperfect, we feel it as imperfect, we know it as imperfect because we are not expanding ourselves. The more we can expand ourselves, the deeper will be our love. When there is love, there is no imperfection.

God loves us; therefore, He never sees us as imperfect. We do not love the world. We do not even love ourselves. How many times we hate ourselves when we look in the mirror early in the morning and see that our face is so undivine! How many times we hate ourselves when we look at our big stomach, when we look at our ugly face, when we look at our puny biceps and triceps. We look at our weaknesses, and then we see how much we hate ourselves!

But if we see with God's Eye, it is not like that. If God is our All, and if He sees His creation as perfect, we are also bound to see His creation as perfect. When God uses His Love-Power, He sees that His creation is perfect. We also have to use love-power. Then the world becomes perfect.

A child may be born half-blind or deaf, but if you ask the mother, she will say, "My son is perfect!" The mind will say that he cannot see and he cannot hear, but the mother's love is spreading and percolating throughout the length and breadth of the child's existence, from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head. That is why the mother proclaims, "My son is perfect!" The mother is not using her mind to see whether her child is deaf or blind. The mother feels that her son is perfect because she is claiming him as her own, very own. Similarly, God is also claiming us as His own, very own.

This world is God's creation. If we use our divine love, then the whole world is perfect. If we see something perfect, are we worried? Do we become agitated? No! Our love-power has to spread everywhere. The way God sees us as perfect beings, we also have to see the world as perfect. We will say, "He is at that stage, and at that stage he is perfect. I am at another stage, and here I am perfect." But to say that where we are is perfect and where others are is imperfect, that only our body is perfect, only our soul is perfect — no, that we cannot do. God has made everyone in His own image. Wherever we are at this point is perfect for God. If I am here, I am perfect for God here. Others are perfect where they are.

In a game where eleven players are playing, each one is taking a particular place. To say that only the goalkeeper or the centre forward is perfect is absurd. If each one stays in his place and plays his role, he is perfect. If I stay in my place, I am perfect. Where you are staying, you are perfect.

In a play, there may be a king and a servant. The king should play the king's role well, and the servant should play his own role well. Each one we have to take as a representative of God. Each representative we have to see with love, love, love, love. The king is playing his proper role, and God sees perfection in the king. Again, God has made somebody else the king's subject, and in that role he is perfect. God has made still another person the minister, and as the minister he is perfect.

If God the Creator feels that God the creation is perfect, we also have to take the creation as perfect. If we use our mind, we say that somebody is superior and somebody is inferior. As long as there is superiority and inferiority, there will be no love. Divine love is all-spreading. Divine love will make us feel that God is manifesting Himself in and through everyone. In your case He has attained a certain state, and in the case of somebody else He has attained another state. God is happy with what He has, and He has given to each individual His own Happiness. Because of His Love, He is happy. Our love also has to be like that. Because of our love, we can be happy with each human being.