There are two realities: one is happiness and the other is unhappiness. Happiness lifts us up to the skies. Unhappiness makes us infinitely more miserable than we can bear to be. But if we take God as our only Reality, then we can maintain our balance. We will see that at one point He is simply approving of something, and at another point He is eager for something to happen, because it is the manifestation of Divinity.

If we look at the negative side of life, we see unhappiness, sorrows, anxieties, fear, doubt and so on. If we look at the positive side, we see faith, love, joy, readiness, willingness, eagerness and so many other divine qualities. Now, we want to balance our life in such a way that the negative forces will not be able to conquer the positive forces. Balance means that ultimately, nothing destructive will happen, that God is always there to bring the whole world to perfection — in His own Way, at His own Time.

Balance comes from inner poise. If we do not have inner poise, there can be no balance in the outer life. But if we have inner poise, we can take the suffering, the negative side of life, as part of God’s creation. God is also inside that negative aspect, and God will work inside the negative aspect of life in His own Way. If God asks us to enter into the negative, destructive aspect, we shall do so — not with fear, but with enthusiasm and eagerness.

We human beings want to have balance in our life only to have happiness. But our idea of happiness is no happiness. We feel that happiness itself will make everything balanced. No, happiness does not do that. Our way of happiness will never make our life balanced. It is only God’s Way that will give us balance. Otherwise, at every moment one side of the scale — either happiness or unhappiness — will carry more weight. Only by entering into God’s Heart and becoming one with God can we have a balanced mind and a balanced life. Otherwise, it is not possible. We have to see that at every moment God is keeping His own Heart-Door open. His Heart-Door is open to you, open to me, open to everybody. But if we want to enter into God’s Heart, then we shall pray for His Happiness in His own Way.

Balance in the mind, balance in the heart, balance in life itself is of utmost importance. If we have balance in our inner life, we shall never be shattered by what happens in the outer life or in the inner life. At every moment confidence will come to the fore in us. On the strength of our confidence, we will be able to say: “I am of God and God is of me. And I am not only with God, but I am also for God.”

To all my disciples — those who are around me and those all over the world who have accepted me — I wish to say that their balance is achieved the moment they can say, “I am for Guru,” not “I am with Guru.” Many people are in my physical presence right now. How many can sincerely say, “I am for Guru”? You will get balance not just by being with me or around me in the physical, here in New York or in America. Balance you will get only if you are for me.

The other day during one of our play performances, one disciple was saying about his Master, “I will not only die with him, but I will die for him.” If one has that kind of feeling, then his balance will be perfect. It is not enough to say, “I am with him; I am singing and dancing and even crying with him.” No! The disciple has to be able to say, “I shall cry for him; I shall die for him; I shall manifest him.”

If I know that my Master is omnipresent, I can realise his omnipotent, omnipresent reality only by diving into him, by crying for him, by giving myself to him. When I give myself, I feel that I am a tiny drop and he is the vast ocean. Only for him I am offering myself. When I enter into him, I become the ocean itself.

Yesterday, a crazy fellow tried to enter our Aspiration-Ground. Everyone was with me, as always. But again, who was for me? When two boys ran to protect me, they proved that they were for me. So many people were there with me. If those two guards had not been attentive, if they had been meditating with their eyes closed or sleeping, could they have run to protect me at that time? If something unimaginable had happened, if any disciple had been attacked, would I myself not have been attacked? Those two boys proved that they were for me. In your mind you may be with me, but you may be just enjoying yourself, with your eyes closed. When something dangerous happens, are you for me?

So, balance means that not only am I with my Master, but I am for him, I am for him, I am for him. Then my life is always in perfect balance.