Each moment we are creating ourselves, or, rather, God is creating Himself in us. But when we try to create ourselves by fulfilling our desires, when we create ourselves contrary to God's Will, Ideas and Feelings, we break the real Truth. When we create with our mind, with our vital, with our physical without being aware of what God's intention is, we may seem to create; but in God's view or in our soul's view we are actually being uncreative. On the other hand, when we become the channel of the soul's will, the soul's intention, outwardly we may seem to be wasting time, paying no attention to earthly duties, doing nothing. But what we are actually doing is creating something deep within ourselves. God wants us to create His Life in ourselves at every moment, to create His Dream in ourselves consciously.

Now when you say that you are God's creation, if you say it from the mind, you do not actually feel it. You feel it only when you live the life of aspiration. Your creation is you yourself and that creation has to be moulded, guided and perfected by the Supreme in the Guru. It has to grow in the constant guidance of the Supreme. So offer yourself as a flower at the feet of the Supreme and your Guru. Then and only then will your creation be the constant instrument and fulfilment of the Supreme.