Divinity and humanity must go together. Divinity cries sincerely, most sincerely for humanity. But humanity has no time to cry for Divinity; humanity cries only for itself. Humanity feels that it has or will have all the power necessary to fulfil itself. In the case of Divinity it is somewhat different. Its heart is extremely wide, boundless. In spite of knowing that It has all the power to fulfil and manifest itself on earth, Divinity feels that unless it can identify Itself with humanity, its role can never be fulfilled. If Divinity accepts humanity on a lower level of consciousness, then Divinity will be totally eclipsed by the teeming cloud of darkness. But if Divinity approaches humanity on a higher level, on an aspiring level of consciousness, then Divinity can succeed in transforming and illumining human life and fulfilling itself.

The seeker's highest Divinity lies not in the world of the past, but in the immediacy of today's deepest aspiration. The aspiration that leads the seeker to God-realisation is the harbinger of his inner Divinity.