Eternity, Infinity and Immortality: all three go together. Now when depression, frustration, worry and anxiety come and attack us and make us feel that we will never realise God, that time is very short, then immediately we have to take shelter in Eternity. Eternity has to be lived in our day-to-day life. Each moment if we can feel that we belong to Eternity, then worry leaves us, frustration leaves us, all negative thoughts and ideas leave us.

But this feeling of Eternity should not make us say: "Oh, we can wallow in the pleasure of idleness because we are eternal and, of course, one day we'll realise God." No! We must try our utmost to realise God here and now at this very moment while at the same time offering ourselves devotedly and soulfully at the Feet of the Supreme. The Supreme belongs to the eternal Now. The Supreme is always the eternal Now. His Eternity, His Now is our real chance. So when the world wants to pull us back, we have to feel that we are not lost; we are in the eternal Now. For an aspirant, a spiritual person, Eternity is nothing but the eternal Now.