The world is crying for only one thing and that thing is Joy. God Himself is trying to establish only one thing on earth and that thing is Joy. What you call Joy, we call in the deeper philosophy, Bliss. This Bliss comes only when we want to know the Truth, feel the Truth, realise the Truth and become the Truth. Until we become the Truth, there can be no abiding Joy. And there can be no greater or deeper Joy than to be constantly and unreservedly one with the Will of the Inner Pilot, the Supreme.

Very often people are confused by the words "Joy" and "pleasure", and mistake pleasure for Joy. Pleasure is something that binds, something that is fleeting. Pleasure immediately is followed by frustration, anxiety, worry, depression and so forth. But Joy, real Joy, is something that constantly grows and flows, something that gives us the feeling that we can walk farther, dive deeper, fly higher.

When we truly embody Joy, inner Joy, we become the perfect expression of God's Vision, Promise and Reality. What is God's Vision? God's Vision is that each human being can be as perfect, compassionate, powerful and merciful as God is. That is His Vision. What is His Promise? God's Promise is that He will make each individual feel that he can eventually become God Himself. And what is God's Reality? God's Reality is that each individual is already God, unmanifested. So when we really possess inner Joy, we are endowed with God's Vision, God's Promise and God's Reality.