Each individual has to accept himself as he is: half ignorance and half knowledge. Unless we accept ourselves in totality, as part ignorance and part knowledge, we can never reach the Goal. First we have to accept the darkness and light together. Then we have to give more importance, infinitely more importance, to the light in us. Then only will the ignorant, obscure part in us be transformed. But if we accept ourselves only in part, separating our darkness from our light, we are only covering up and fooling ourselves. We are only hoping that the darkness will disappear. But this is a terrible mistake. Bright and dark should first be accepted as one and only then, through our aspiration, can we pay all attention to light. And when we pay attention to light, light automatically spreads and darkness disappears. At that time we shall become totally what we are. What we are is God in the form of manifestation, Self-manifestation.