Spiritual wisdom

Wisdom can be physical, vital, mental, psychic and spiritual. Spiritual wisdom is the highest and deepest wisdom. Spiritual wisdom is the natural, spontaneous recognition of Truth. If we want to define spiritual wisdom in one short sentence, then we can say that spiritual wisdom is the spontaneous recognition of one's inner Being, inner Reality. God is yours. This is the true spiritual wisdom. You are God's. This is the true spiritual wisdom. Your inner cry and God's infinite Bounty are inseparable and indivisible. This is the true spiritual wisdom.

Without spiritual wisdom, we can never act the way the Supreme wants us to act. Spiritual wisdom is the first and foremost prerequisite for our absolute acceptance of God and, finally, for God-realisation. Spiritual wisdom is not only the greatest help, but God's peerless Blessing to the sincere aspirant. He who has spiritual wisdom is sure to realise God in this world, here on earth. And in God-realisation alone is the truest spiritual wisdom.