First of all, you have to have confidence in yourself and then in God. If you say, "I do not have confidence in myself; I have confidence only in God," this is an indirect way of placing your own responsibility at the Feet of God. And if you say, "I have confidence in myself but not in God," that kind of confidence is an erroneous conception of your own very limited capacity. In the spiritual life, when you say that you have confidence in yourself, that you feel that God exists and that you are His chosen child, then you are really and truly the channel of God.

In the ordinary human life, if you lack confidence, someone else can help you. But in the spiritual life, if you do not have confidence, no matter how great your spiritual Master is, you cannot go far. Unless you have the confidence that you are God's child and that you have the power to aspire, you will never make any attempt to bring to the fore your inner divine qualities. So it is only when this confidence looms large in you that it is possible to go one step forward.

Now you also have to have confidence in God — not only that He has the highest and deepest Truth, but that He will give it to you. You have to have confidence that one day you will be able to achieve the fullest realisation of Truth. From whom? From God. So when you possess confidence that you are God's child and when you possess confidence that God not only has what you are aspiring for but will give it to you, then you will see that aspiration and realisation will go together.