My Lord,
I wish to know from You personally
The differences that exist
Between You and me.

“My child,
There are countless differences
But I shall name only three:
Unlike Me, every day
You have a very tight schedule.
You have no time to write to Me.
You have no time to speak to Me.
You do not even have the time
To speak to me over your heart-phone.
I write to you every day.
I try to speak to you every day.
But alas, alas and alas,
I get no response from you.
Now the second difference is this:
I constantly make fun of myself.
Alas, you have not yet learnt
This particular art,
And I have no idea whether
You will ever be able to learn this art.
The third difference is this:
You think and you feel
That you are indispensable
There in Heaven and here on earth.
In My case, I am absolutely sure
That not only this world,
But also all the worlds
That are in existence,
Can live without Me.
In a sense, you are badly needed
Here, there and all-where.
In My case, nobody wants Me,
Nobody needs Me.
I am left all alone.”

8 November 2003
New York