John Dimick: What should a good runner do when he finds that the pressures of his family, community and job mean he cannot train at high mileage or undertake frequent racing?1

Sri Chinmoy: In order to become such an excellent runner, you have already made a great many sacrifices in terms of expending time and energy and giving up the comfortable, pleasure-loving world. Now, if you go one step ahead and train at high mileage or undertake frequent racing, you may lose your job, but you will not lose your family or community, to be sure. As a result of your tremendous successes, the temporary pressures you have to undergo from the members of your family will all be transformed into innocent and enriching treasures. And there is every possibility that you will get a better job at a higher salary because of your greater successes.

You are a superb runner. For you the hour has struck. Those who are even unconsciously stand ing in your way will one day cheerfully and unreservedly support you. Please feel that you have already started a race. Now your only aim is to reach the goal, no matter how many obstacles you have to surmount on the way. Your victory will ultimately be the victory of your dear ones and also the victory of the world running community.

It is my earnest request to you that you practise as many miles as you want and run as many races as you want. When the pressures you now face are transformed into treasures, not only your dear ones but also all and sundry will deeply value and gratefully enjoy them.

  1. RS 3. John Dimick ran 2:11:53 to win the New Orleans Marathon in 1979 and took second place in the 1981 Copenhagen Marathon with a time of 2:15.

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