Question: How can we remain more conscious in our life?

Sri Chinmoy: We can be more conscious in our outer life only when we feel that the outer life has no existence without the inner life, the life of inner light. The inner life is the foundation. If the foundation is not solid, then the superstructure cannot be strong and permanent.

Early in the morning when the day dawns, we have to feel that God comes first in our life. For ten minutes or fifteen minutes or half an hour, we have to invoke God's Presence. The Presence of God is constant everywhere, but if we feel that God is someone else, somewhere else, then we have to invoke Him from the highest Heaven, from out of the blue. If we feel that God is already within us but lying so deep that we cannot see or feel Him, then we have to pray to God to come to the fore. Either a seeker has to invoke God from without or he has to bring God's inner Presence to the fore. Then, when he feels God's Presence, he feels that his life is secure, for God's Presence means God's infinite Power, infinite Light.

In order to be conscious during our day-to-day activities, we have to feel that each action we perform is equally important in God's Eyes. We have to act with a surrendered attitude, with pure thoughts and an illumined mind. If we act to satisfy our ego, vanity or pride, then we can never be conscious of the divinity within us. When we are not conscious of the divinity within, then we cannot be conscious of our true existence in our outer life. God has a special mission for each of us and our soul has taken incarnation to manifest this mission. We have to feel that we have a divine purpose, a divine goal. Our outer life and our inner life must become one.

Again, we have to know how far we have walked along the path of spirituality, that is to say, our own development. A person eventually can become an expert in his career. This doesn't mean that someone can become a great singer overnight. It takes time for him to become a good singer, or for a dancer to dance well, to learn to do the steps in perfect order. Similarly, it takes time for a seeker to become expert in his field.

When someone is really a great seeker, very advanced in the spiritual life, he automatically prays and meditates during the very early morning and in the evening. In the beginning, perhaps he started with only five minutes of meditation in the morning. Then he began to sit for half an hour, an hour, two hours. If someone can meditate for two hours at a stretch with perfect equanimity, without losing his mental balance, then naturally he will grow inner strength, light and power.

We cannot meditate twenty-four hours a day. We have to go to work or to school. But while answering our boss's questions, or our professor's questions, we can feel the living presence of our inner being. We can feel the presence of a divine child, a divine presence guiding us. This inner feeling is surcharged with Light, Peace and Bliss. How can we develop this inner growth? It cannot happen overnight; nobody has done it. It is like a muscle. To develop it we must take exercises daily. In the spiritual life also if we practise daily, regularly, soulfully, we are bound to develop this inner capacity. Even if we speak about mundane things, we will not lose the inner wealth that we accumulated during our meditation early in the morning.

Everything depends on a seeker's achievement. If I have money and I want to give it, I can give it to you. But if I do not have any money, in spite of my best intentions I cannot give it to you. The same is true of spiritual wealth. If we are in the office and the workers are not at all spiritual, we could become a victim of their merciless treatment. But if our inner being supplies us with inner peace and joy, we will be able to swallow their undivine behaviour. Things that we have really achieved in the spiritual life we can use. If our inner being has accumulated Peace, Light, Bliss and Power, then we can bring them forward at any time.