The Mother with Her four Aspects22

The Aspects:
    Mother, we pray, we too may go with Thee.
    For by Thy service we last through Eternity.

    Mother, make me Thy highest Height.
    Give me Thy Knowledge to end the Night.
    In Thy gold Fount of tranquillity
    I shall wash the mortal's misery.

    I call to Thy quick Power supreme!
    O crush the pride of ignorance-dream.
    My thunder feet shall break the head
    Of the Asura, by me shall be led
    The warrior-children of the truth.
    Mother, for them my boundless ruth.

    Mother, Thy Rapture-Fire I crave.
    I shall throw all filth to a bottomless grave.
    Thy Harmony shall be my gift
    To earth; and I her form shall lift
    To Thy all-embracing Joy and Love
    And all shall breathe Thy Spirit above.

    Perfect perfection on me bestow.
    Thy patience-seed.
Mother, I shall sow
    Within the heart of aspiring earth.
    In me Thy Work's undying birth.

SAI 22. (1956)