The Immortal's Boon to Death1

(December 9th, 1950)

"I am Thy lifeless child
With ignorance dark and wild.
Father, my brother life
Ever dislikes my fife.
He dwells within Thy Heart
To pierce my pride with his dart.
O change my fruitless fate,
And write the immortal Date
Upon the brow of the earth.
Father, give me true birth."

The Immortal:
"Thy bosom's mourning sore,
My child, shall last no more.
Within Thy naked night
I stand with my footsteps' light.
I give you life, O Death!
My Bounty's ceaseless Breath
Shall flow across the soil.
I hush all time-turmoil.
My Truth's supremacy
Wills Immortality."


  1. SAI 32. (1955)