"….a name to be remembered so long as the country has pride in its past and hope for its future." In these few words of appreciation from Sri Aurobindo's immortal pen, the world can form an idea of the contribution of Bal Gangadhar Tilak to his Motherland.

At a time when our Motherland was swooning under the yoke of subjugation imposed by the British, the profusely inspired voice of Tilak, the Father of Indian Unrest, was heard: "Home rule is my birthright." And his voice was propagated from that very moment to Eternity.

Tilak's lofty appreciation of Sri Aurobindo runs in this wise:

"None is equal to Aravinda in self-sacrifice, knowledge and sincerity....It is a dispensation of benign Providence that persons like Aravinda have been drawn to the national work....He writes from divine inspiration, satwic intelligence, and unshakeable determination."

SAI 68. from "A Great Quartet"