Sri Aurobindo and The Mother74

Sri Aurobindo is the Flower. The Mother is the Fragrance,

Sri Aurobindo is the Face. The Mother is the Smile.

Sri Aurobindo is the Lamp. The Mother is the Flame.

Sri Aurobindo is the Victory. The Mother is the Trumpet.

Sri Aurobindo is the Mast. The Mother is the Flag.

Sri Aurobindo is the Aerodrome. The Mother is the Plane.

Sri Aurobindo is Truth in its Conception. The Mother is Truth in its Embodiment.

Sri Aurobindo is a Cup of Nectar. The Mother is the Spoon.

Sri Aurobindo is the Heart. The Mother is the Tender Feeling.

Sri Aurobindo is the Song. The Mother is the Singer.

Sri Aurobindo is the all-containing Book. The Mother is the all-explaining Teacher.

Sri Aurobindo is the Handkerchief. The Mother is the Hand to wipe their disciples' tearful eyes.

Sri Aurobindo is Immensity in its growing revelation. The Mother is Intensity in its blossoming fulfilment.

Sri Aurobindo protects the disciples. The Mother holds and nourishes the disciples.

Sri Aurobindo is the crystal-pure Water. The Mother is the untiring Tap.

Sri Aurobindo is the Medicine. The Mother is the Doctor.

Sri Aurobindo is the Vision. The Mother is the Action.

Sri Aurobindo is the ever-creative subtle body of his disciples. The Mother is the ever-progressive physical body of her disciples.

Sri Aurobindo draws admiration from his disciples. The Mother draws love from her disciples.

Sri Aurobindo is the Unfailing Hope. The Mother is the Constant Help.

Sri Aurobindo's eyes are All-Grace for the fallen earth-consciousness. The Mother's eyes are All-Solace for the fallen earth-consciousness.

Sri Aurobindo is our souls' Reserve Bank. The Mother is the Banker.

The disciple sees in Sri Aurobindo an Ocean of Peace the moment he places himself at His Feet. The disciple sees in the Mother an Ocean of Ecstasy the moment he places himself at Her Feet.

Sri Aurobindo says: "The Mother is Everything." The Mother says: "Yes, but all I am is in Him, with Him, of Him and for Him."

SAI 74. Written in Pondicherry. First published August 27th, 1966