Scene 1

(The Buddha is in deep meditation with his eyes wide open. Enter Krisha Gautami, carrying her dead child. She places the child at the feet of the Buddha.)

GAUTAMI: O Sage, O Master, O Lord, O Light of the World, please, please bring back life to my child. He is my only child.

BUDDHA: Gautami, don’t cry, don’t weep. Just do as I say.

GAUTAMI: O Master, I shall do anything that you want, immediately. Only bring back my child’s life.

BUDDHA: Gautami, I wish you to bring me a few mustard seeds. But they must come from a family that has not been visited by death. Remember, you must bring me the mustard seeds only from a house that has not been visited by death.

GAUTAMI: O Master, that is so easy. I shall go and bring mustard seeds for you. Then will you be able to cure my son?

BUDDHA: Yes, Gautami, I shall be able to do it if you can bring me mustard seeds from a house where there has not been any death.

Sri Chinmoy, Siddhartha becomes the Buddha, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973