Question: How can one serve the Supreme?

Sri Chinmoy: Please feel that first things come first. Early in the morning when you get up, immediately try to think of the Supreme. That is the first thing that you should do. Then think of the things that you do daily. You do twenty, thirty or forty things each day. Before you do each thing, you should try to remember the Supreme.

It takes only a minute. Just before you are about to eat, think of the Supreme. After you have conversed with one person and you are just about to speak with somebody else, meditate for a minute. And if you see that you don't have the time, then try to meditate as soon as you are free. Each time you change your activity, meditate on the Supreme for just a minute. Your meditation should be soulful and not mechanical. If you wish to be constantly helped and guided by the Supreme, please remind yourself of Him each time you come into contact with a human being or an object.