Question: Should disciples accept the service of other disciples?

Sri Chinmoy: There are people who get joy by giving you this service. So why do you say that you don't want to take it, that you want to be independent? You say that you don't want to bother anybody or exploit anybody's service. But there are people on earth who make progress only by serving their spiritual sisters and brothers. By doing something for you, they are doing the equivalent of meditation.

There are disciples who occasionally don't go to meditation because they are working for the Centre. While they are working they are getting much. Their whole attention is at that time focused inwardly on me. Just because they are serving the Supreme in me, they have extended their consciousness and are getting the result of real meditation. Their service is their way of meditation. Ask them to meditate for five, ten or twenty minutes, and they will enter into the world of daydreams or sleep. But when they serve the Divine in me, immediately my soul recognises their service.