Devotion: Devotion is our soul's fearless quality. Devotion does not mean begging from someone. Devotion means dedicated service to the divine child in us. It means intensity, the intensity that makes us feel one and not the intensity that separates and frustrates us. Devotion means entering into the superior part of one's own existence. Devotion is the sweetest feeling in us, the feeling of oneness with something higher and deeper in us. It is the most intimate connection with our better self, purer self, higher, nobler and deeper self. It is the sweetest awareness of Truth.

Who is the higher self in the aspirant? The higher self is the Master; and if the aspirant reaches the higher self, then he can see that he and the Master are totally one. If the aspirant wants to know his highest self, which is God, he can know it through his oneness with the Master, for the Master and God have become one. How? The Master has become one with God on the strength of his Self-realisation and Self-knowledge. He has become a direct channel of God, and this channel can be utilised by both God and the aspirant.

If I really devote myself, then how can I separate myself from the thing that I am aspiring for? I cannot be separated from the highest, the deepest and the farthest. A drop enters and becomes the infinite ocean. By offering ourselves entirely, we do not lose anything.

In the spiritual life, if one wants to make quick progress, then I wish to say that devotion is the only answer. If there is devotion in the entire being, then one can drink nectar every day in one's spiritual awakening, spiritual discipline and spiritual realisation. It is devotion that gives us sweetness in our life, and carries us to the Source of life-immortalising nectar.