Question: Is it true that love can transform the world?

Sri Chinmoy: Love is a spiritual force, the mightiest force, but how many people want divine love? The world is all the time in 'I'. Each individual is saying 'I', 'I', 'I'. The moment we transform 'I' into 'we', we will see that the world is automatically changed.

If you can inspire one person with love, he will inspire somebody else with love. It is from one that we come to many. This is the only way the world can progress. When a spiritual Master like the Christ comes, he is only one person, but inspires millions and millions. Other spiritual Masters inspire a lesser number, and their disciples inspire a few more. In this way it continues. We cannot dream of transforming humanity all at once; it is a slow process. But eventually the face of reality is transformed by love, divine love.