Question: Sometimes I feel that my love for God is not pure.

Sri Chinmoy: If somebody is showing you affection, love and concern and giving you what you need, what do you do? You give him your pure love. When you were a child of two, your mother gave you toys, milk and everything you wanted. Your mother was there all the time, always at your loving command. In return you gave her your pure love. In the spiritual life also, you should feel that you are a child of the Supreme and you are all the time playing on His Lap or in His Heart.

Your heart will make you feel that the Supreme is the only reality. Your soul will make you feel that He is the only One whom you have to love and who loves you eternally. But if it is difficult for you to form an idea of the Supreme and if you have a spiritual Master, then you can think of your Master. The Supreme is the commander and your Master is the captain or the leader, let us say, while you are a soldier in the divine army. When the commander gives an order, the captain knows what the order is and he will relay the order to the soldiers who are under him. If you please the captain, then you are pleasing the commander through the captain. Through the Master, you are pleasing the Highest, the Supreme. Again, we have to know that it is not a military order. Here it is all based on love.

When you have accepted someone as your spiritual Master, you are determined to give him what you have. But don't think at that time what you have is only impure love. Think of yourself as a child who is ready to give what he has. A child comes to his father and gives him a penny he has found on the street. The father is so delighted that the child has given him the penny, instead of using it to buy some candy, that he gives the child something far more valuable.

So even if you feel that you have only a little divine love but that you have undivine love in abundant measure, give it all to the Master or to God. Do not separate the undivine or impure love from the divine. Let them come together. Whatever you have to give to God, God will gladly take. It is God's business to make your love pure. Your business is only to give what love you have, be it pure or impure. God knows what you have, which is whatever God has given you, even if it is only an iota of pure, divine love. If you give what you have, then He has to be satisfied. When you empty yourself of all that you have, it can be filled by the Supreme. At that time, He will fill your vessel with only pure and divine love.