Question: Is the love of the Master for the disciple the same as the love of the disciple for the Master?

Sri Chinmoy: The love that commands soulfully and the love that obeys unconditionally enjoy the self-same Bliss of the Supreme. You are my spiritual children. I am your spiritual father. What has bound us and what can bind us forever if not love? When I ask you to do something, you may take it as a command, or you can feel inside that very command the living presence of my soul, my living and crying concern for your ultimate fulfilment. When you obey the Supreme in me unconditionally, you will feel my boundless pride in you. At that time my love gets true fulfilment in you by becoming totally one with you, and your love gets true fulfilment by serving the Supreme in me. Love commands, but inside that command is the life of our mutual reality. Love obeys and inside that love is the total, complete assurance of the Beyond, the assurance that the highest realisation will take place in the human body.

The love that I exercise in asking you to do this or that, and the love that you show in performing your task can never be separated. These two kinds of love can only have meaning when they mutually fulfil each other. Let us love and be loved. When we love, we have to feel that our oneness is complete. When we love, we have to feel that our realisation is complete. When we love, we have to feel that our manifestation is complete. And when manifestation is complete, God is supremely fulfilled and the kingdom of Heaven dawns here on earth.