Question: How can we keep you in our inner consciousness during our daily activities?

Sri Chinmoy: It is through love and concern. When you love someone, when you have concern for that person, you are bound to see him either inside you or in front of you. Let us say that you have a cat. You are very fond of the cat. Now what happens? If you are really fond of that cat, you will see it even while you are in school. Many times you will think about the cat: "Did I feed the cat? Is the cat happy?" These thoughts will come to you because you are fond of the cat. While you are thinking about the cat, you are also doing something else. You are in school. But your love for the cat is so intense that in your consciousness you will feel that the cat is right in front of you.

Think of the mother and her child. The mother is here reading the newspaper. Her dearest is her son. The son may be thousands of miles away, but her focus of concentration is on her son. She is thinking, "Oh, now I am here. Who is taking care of my son? Nobody will be able to take care of him like I can." You can say it is emotional love or sweet affection or sweet concern or all of these; but still through her love she is maintaining her connection with her son.

When you are attached to someone, no matter where you go you think of him; ideas of him come into your mind. When one person is paying attention to another in the ordinary world, that means he is attached to him. In the ordinary world, human beings who are attached to one another are of the same standard. In the spiritual world, the Master is far superior to the disciple. So it is not attachment, but a devoted feeling of oneness that the disciples cherish toward the Master. When the disciple thinks of the Master, it is not with attachment but with devotion. This is how an individual seeker can please the Master who has himself realised the highest Truth and who will serve as a vehicle through which the disciple will reach the Truth.

You have fondness, affection, love, concern for me. So naturally at that time your mind will try to enter into me or my consciousness will enter into you. Again, if you can create concern within yourself for my mission, then you will see true joy, peace, love, blessings, gratitude and pride flow from me into your heart. At that time it will be easy for you to keep me in your consciousness.

If you feel that you really and truly have concern for the manifestation of the Supreme in me, then how can you be of help to me? One way is to develop concern for humanity. We all profess to have concern for humanity. But what do we do? We use the word 'concern', but do we pray to God to help humanity or enlighten humanity? No! Our concern is a selfish concern. If the world gets better, so much the better for us. But we have to have real selfless concern for humanity.

How can you maintain your inner connection with me? Just develop more concern for my mission and more love for the manifestation of my light on earth. If you love someone, you are ready to do everything for him at any hour. If you have true love and concern for me, for the Divine within me, for the Supreme in me, then no matter what you are doing, even while you are running or jumping, you will have the sweetest inner feeling of delight. That is because you have identified yourself with someone who has the inner capacity to come and offer you Peace, Love, Light and Bliss.

The more you can create or develop inner concern for humanity and for my mission, and the sooner you have love for my realisation, the quicker will be your inner progress. From this inner progress you will be able to establish your constant feeling of oneness with me amidst multifarious activities — while you are working, studying or mixing with friends. It is all concern and love, nothing else.