Part I

SCA 1-8. On 25 June 1994, Sri Chinmoy invited questions from disciples who had been on his path for over twenty-five years.

Question: How can we make our inner life fulfil all our needs when our inner capacity is still so limited?

Sri Chinmoy: A child has a dollar, and with this dollar he is able to buy a small toy. But if the same child has pleased his father in various ways with his affection, love and joy, then the father immediately gives the child enough money to buy ten different toys, or he himself buys as many toys as are needed to please the child and make the child happy. This is what happens in our outer life.

A similar thing also happens in the inner life. If a particular disciple has pleased the Master in various ways and the Master’s faith in that disciple is exceptionally strong, then the Master will do everything in his power to help that disciple. If the disciple has abiding faith in the Master, then the Master gets tremendous opportunities to increase the inner capacities of the disciple.

The Master always will have infinitely more faith in the disciples than the disciples can ever have in the Master. No disciple of mine will ever have the same amount of faith in me that I have in him or her, especially if the person is one of my chosen disciples. In a class there are always good students and bad students. Similarly, among those who follow our path there are definitely some very good students. These chosen disciples must always feel that the faith they have in the Master and also the faith they have in themselves is nothing in comparison to the Master’s faith in them.

What is the reason? It is because the Master sees in them the budding and blossoming God. When he looks at them he sees his own highest divinity-reality. He always sees the inner sun inside the chosen disciples, and he knows that definitely there shall come a time when their inner sun will come to the fore and illumine their mind, vital and physical.

But the disciples do not have the same kind of faith in the Master. Their faith is like a rope of sand. This moment they have faith or imagine they have a certain kind of faith. But the next moment, when the mind comes to the fore and clouds their heart, it is all gone. And when there is no faith in the Master, the Master is not able to increase their inner capacities.

The best way for the disciples to increase their faith in the Master is to imagine the Master’s faith in them. They should imagine that the Master’s faith in them is loftier than the loftiest and that they are supremely chosen instruments. There are millions and billions of people on earth. The disciples have to ask themselves why they alone have been chosen to carry the victory-banner of the Master. They have to exercise their imagination, which is a reality in itself, to feel the infinite faith that their Master has in them. In this way, by increasing their own faith in the Master, the disciples can every day increase their inner capacities. It is not only possible; it is inevitable.