Question: What should be our prayer?

Sri Chinmoy: Our prayer should be very simple, soulful and self-giving. For all the citizens of the world, for all my brothers and sisters of the world, I wish to offer this simple prayer:

“O Lord Supreme,
May we say the right thing,
May we do the right thing,
And may we become the right person.”

The right thing to say: “We love You, God.”

The right thing to do: serve God.

The right thing to become: God’s perfect children, who do not quarrel, who do not hate anybody and who do not wage war.

We want to love God in our inner life of prayer. We want to serve God in our outer life of action. We want to please God and we want to be true members of His universal family.

This is the prayer that I am offering to the Lord Supreme on behalf of all truth-seekers and God-lovers in the world and also on behalf of the beautiful, powerful, illumining and fulfilling soul of Bali.