Question: What is the best way to create very powerful dynamism to inspire more seekers to accept the spiritual life?

Sri Chinmoy: Every day try to feel that inside your heart there is a very beautiful garden. It is your own garden, nobody else’s. If you have a garden, then you will definitely want to increase the beauty, purity and divinity of that garden. If you have two plants, then you will try to find another plant from somewhere else. How? In the material world it would be on the strength of your money-power. But here in your heart-garden, it is on the strength of your concern, love, feeling of oneness and utmost humility. Here, another plant means another seeker. You have to say to each new seeker-plant, “I will serve you, I will serve the Supreme inside you.”

Very often we are not getting others to join the spiritual life for one particular reason: we feel that we know too much. We feel that we have so much light to give them. That feeling is the downfall of our life. You know better than that person, true. But if you want to be a better spiritual seeker, if you want to make real progress, then you have to bring forward more humility. Otherwise, if you think that you have made all the progress that you need to make and now you can teach the whole world, then you are making a mistake.

If we can sincerely feel that God is giving us the supreme opportunity to serve Him inside each seeker, that is the best approach. We should be eager to serve God inside others, but so often we forget our purpose. We feel that since we have been following the spiritual path for so many years, that since we have read so many books, we know everything. But we know nothing.

If we take a humble approach, we will say, “The Supreme has given me the golden opportunity to serve Him inside others.” If you approach others with humility, then it becomes very easy. If you go and touch somebody’s feet with humility, then he will have some compassion for you. He will ask, “What do you need from me?”