Question: Sometimes when we are working on manifestation, I have an idea which feels inwardly totally right to me and somebody else says it is not so good. Then I feel insecure and I do not want to hurt the other person.

Sri Chinmoy: Suppose you have a sister who is not praying and meditating. She is leading an ordinary, unaspiring life. You are awakened; you have entered into the spiritual life and you are praying to God for light, peace and bliss. Just because your sister is not aspiring or she is not doing the right thing, will you give up doing the right thing? Will you say, “How can I drink divine Nectar when my sister is eating mud, clay and sand?” Of course not. You will continue doing the right thing and one day you will try to inspire her to also enter into the spiritual life.

In your case, you are the Centre leader. If you are absolutely sure that you have the right plan, then whom are you hurting? You are not hurting the person, you are only increasing your own ignorance if you do the wrong thing. Again, you have to know whether it is your ego that is speaking or not. Your ego may tell you, “I am the Centre leader. Therefore, my idea has to be the right one.” If this is the case, just discard your ego. But if your sincere awakening is telling you that your idea is absolutely right, then if you do not do the right thing because it may hurt someone, you are only feeding your ignorance. You have to see if you are dealing with your ego or whether you are fully conscious of your inner feeling of the right thing to do.

This applies to anyone, not only to the Centre leaders. If you have the inner conviction that you are doing the right thing, then who becomes the loser if you do not do it? If you receive the light, but you do not use the light properly, if you hesitate, then not only you, but the whole Centre becomes the loser.