Part VI

Question: How can we work more harmoniously in enterprises or in manifestation?6

Sri Chinmoy: To keep harmony when you are dealing with other individuals, do not use your justice-light. Forget about justice! There is no justice on earth. Only think of wisdom-light. Always be as humble as possible. Even if you feel that others are idiots, use absolute humility — if necessary, forced humility. Force yourself to be at the other person’s feet, not on the other person’s head. Let them increase their stupidity. Let their ego-balloon become large, larger and largest. One day it will burst. True, by becoming humble, you are pumping them up. But at least you are not increasing the disharmony. It is not something that you have to do all your life. For one or two months or a few years you will do it. Then you will see that eventually his ego-balloon will burst and he will be on the same level as you are. Otherwise, without humility, there is no way we can have harmony.

SCA 1012. Sri Chinmoy answered this question in New York on 5 October 1991.