Question: Is there a colour for bliss and, if so, can you describe it?

Sri Chinmoy: The colour for bliss can be any colour that gives you joy. If you like green, then for you green represents bliss. If I like blue, for me blue is the colour for bliss. If somebody else likes red, then for that person, red is the colour for bliss. Any colour that satisfies you can represent bliss.

Again, this colour may change. The cosmic gods and goddesses embody bliss. On the highest plane, their light is one colour. When the same light is touching the earth realm, it becomes another colour totally. Both of these colours can give us joy.

Let us take Mother Kali, for example. Mother Kali is the Mother of Compassion. When you see her in the highest plane, her whole being is golden. But when she descends into darkness and fights with the impure vital of the world, she is so ferocious. She carries a scimitar in her right hand and wears a garland of heads. She absolutely destroys everything. When a seeker’s consciousness goes to the highest plane, he sees that the colour of Mother Kali’s light is golden, and it gives him such joy. Again, on the lower plane, when the colour becomes red, the seeker can get so much strength. He feels, “My Mother Kali is killing all the hostile forces only for me, to save me, to protect me. She loves me so much!” It is the same light, but on one plane it is golden and on another plane it is red.

Similarly, the experience of bliss is according to our inner height. This moment if I go very high — to the top of the tree, where I can eat mangoes to my heart’s content — then I am in bliss. Next moment if I very confidently stay at the foot of the tree, I am also in bliss. So bliss depends on the consciousness we embody at each moment.