Question: How can I increase my dynamism?

Sri Chinmoy: To increase your dynamism, meditate on flames. You can look at a candle flame or any other type of flame. Flames embody dynamism. If you look at a flame or imagine a flame, your lethargy will go away. Fire will burn all our lethargy or lack of enthusiasm. Anything that is undivine in us, fire will burn. If fire burns our lethargy, then automatically dynamism will come to the fore.

Fire has dynamism. That is why it keeps everything under control. Everything surrenders to fire. So always imagine flames or fire. If you imagine fire, you may think more of destruction than dynamism, but if you think of flames, climbing flames, then destruction will not come into your mind. Flames take us upward. How can we go upward without becoming dynamic? If I want to climb a tree, if I want to climb a mountain, then I have to be dynamic. Flames show us the way. They are going up, up, up and touching the sky. So, to increase your dynamism, look at flames. That is the easiest and most effective way.