Question: If the disciples are the ones who create the suffering, do the disciples also have the power to undo the suffering?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, by not doing the same wrong thing again. It is the wrong forces that have entered into the disciples that create suffering for the spiritual Master. If the disciples want to undo the suffering, they should not allow those wrong forces to enter into them again.

Let us say that today you have struck someone. Tomorrow if you do not strike that person, then again he will get his strength back. When the disciples do the wrong thing, it is like somebody has struck me. I suffer. But God is constantly supplying me with new light, new vision, new energy, new divine qualities. Then, if I am not struck by darkness, will I not maintain these divine qualities? God is like an ever-new supply — a river running towards the ocean, murmuring. If you place a dam or some obstruction there, then the river is stopped. Again, if you remove it, the river once again starts flowing towards the ocean. If the disciples do not repeat the wrong action, then the Master will not suffer.