On improving the performance of My Rama Is My All

In all sincerity, I am more than pleased with the performance, but in a few things you have to take me seriously for your absolute perfection. And also in a few matters you are quite innocent because you have no conception of that era when Sri Ramachandra lived.

First of all, your costumes are not satisfactory. But again, you have no idea of the clothing of that time, so what are you going to do? Also, it seemed that the actors wore the same kind of costume throughout the whole play, which is not accurate. You are taking one aspect of the Ramayana, the simplicity and austerity aspect, and maintaining it throughout. But it was not like that. Before Ramachandra was exiled to the forest, the scenes in the palace should have more grandeur. At that time there should be more gorgeous things on the stage. Right from the very beginning you are showing the austere aspect. But the austere aspect comes only after Kaikeyi asks for her boon. Before that, you have to show the prosperity and glamour of the court. A few times in the very beginning there is a jubilee; everyone is very happy. There you can show more pomp and majesty. Remember, all the main characters are of the king's family.

Previously, when I used to watch the disciples' plays, I was in trance! This time, each and every thing, from the beginning to the end, I watched. Even sometimes when I kept my eyes closed, I was keeping my third eye open. So now I will try to remember everything in detail.

First let us take Kaikeyi. In the beginning, Kaikeyi has no idea at all what is going to happen. She does not know what that rogue Manthara is going to say. At that time you have to be in a very cheerful frame of mind. But from the start you were so serious, as if you knew what would happen in advance. You have to know that Kaikeyi receives this idea from Manthara for the first time. Only gradually, gradually, when she is hammering at the idea that you will feel miserable if Rama is crowned king, you can become serious. Kaikeyi definitely did not have the slightest idea what Manthara was going to say. Manthara ruins all Kaikeyi's joy, but from the beginning if you are serious, then you cannot convey that idea.

The first scene starts when Queen Kaushalya comes in. Kaushalya is the main queen of King Dasharatha. She has to be most gorgeous. Such simple white garments she will not wear. For the King you have made such a beautiful, gorgeous costume, but you have made the Queen like the goddess Saraswati, absolutely simplicity incarnate! Her crown and jewellery have to be more elaborate. The acting was excellent, but her costume was very poor. How can a queen come with such simplicity? How will she bring forward her majesty, her dignity, her regal aspect, if her costume is like that? How did you come up with that costume?