Rama: When did Rama actually realise that he was an incarnation of God?

Sri Chinmoy: After seventeen or eighteen years he knew it, but he had to pretend that he did not know. Otherwise, he would not have been able to do the work that he had to do. He knew it long before the Ramayana took place, but if he did not act in a human way, then there would have been no game.

I realised God in a previous incarnation. In this incarnation, at the age of twelve and a half I fully knew who I was. Now I am sixty-three years old and sometimes I still make people feel that I am not realised. If I do not act in a human way, then I cannot exist. If I remain in my highest, in my trance, then nobody will come near me.

Again, Rama did everything according to the Will of the Supreme. At one moment we see that Rama is human, utterly helpless. The next moment, when his divine aspect comes forward, he knows that he is beyond, far beyond earthly suffering. As a human being, Rama deals with morality because the ordinary human aspect deals with morality. But at the same time, he is beyond morality. At God's Command, he had to do certain things.

Some spiritual figures, not spiritual Masters of the highest order, saw Rama's human aspect more than his divine aspect. But we have to know that in his case he was only listening to his own Highest. When he listened to the Highest, then he was misunderstood to the extreme. To be misunderstood, you do not have to become Rama. Is there anybody who will not say that he is misunderstood? No matter how good you are or how great you are, you are bound to be misunderstood, not only by others, but by your own self. When your lowest part judges your highest part, immediately the lowest part misunderstands the highest part.

Only Rama can be the judge of his actions because he had to obey the Will of the Supreme. If the Supreme said to do a particular thing on the human or moral level, Rama had to do it. Again, if the Supreme said to do something totally contradictory, something that was beyond morality, that also he had to do. As a human being, he could have been totally lost between those diametrically opposite Commands, but as a divine being, he was not lost at all because he knew he was only obeying his Inner Pilot.