Question: How can I have more energy?

Sri Chinmoy: You can have more energy by challenging something or someone. That does not mean you will fight against another human being. You are not fighting with anything outside. The one whom you are going to challenge is inside you — inside your body, inside your vital, inside your mind. If anything in your own life is dissatisfying you, that is the thing you have to challenge. Challenge your mind or your vital if they are not satisfying you. As soon as you challenge them, you will muster all your courage and energy. Otherwise your energy remains dormant.

Anything in your life that dissatisfies you, you have to challenge and fight like a hero. A hero will stand in front of you and say, "Either you listen to me and change your way of life or I will destroy you!" Then you will say, "No, I do not want to be destroyed! I want to be illumined." Anything that has to be illumined, you will challenge and illumine. Anything that has to be discarded, you will discard. And anything that has to be accepted into your life, you will accept. In order to get a large supply of energy, any dissatisfaction has to be challenged. Dissatisfaction takes away all our joy and energy.