Question: Does my soul have any special message for me today?

Sri Chinmoy: Your soul does have a special message: With respect to your health, forget the past, especially in your mind and in your body. Sincerely you have to feel that you have sound health, good health. Your soul wants you to convince your mind that you are not sick, you are not weak, you are not tired, you are not exhausted. Your soul is not fooling you. Your soul is dying to give you its soul-capacities and soul-potentialities. But instead of receiving these things, you always identify with your body, which is suffering, let us say.

You have to feel, as often as possible, that you are not the body but the soul. The difficulty is that the soul is a vague idea to us, a word. We know how to spell it, but most of the time we do not experience it. Just because we do not see it or feel it, we feel that perhaps it is a mental hallucination or superstition. But the soul is a reality. It is the divinity inside us.

You have to feel that the soul inside you is sacred. You may not be able to see it, but you can open your heart at every moment and feel it. It is like love. You cannot see your love, but you know you have love.

Believe in the existence of your soul. If you do not feed the soul, then the soul cannot manifest. The soul is birthless and deathless, true, but if you do not pray and meditate, then the soul does not get the opportunity to manifest God.