Question: Are you sure that your philosophy of love and brotherhood can solve all the problems of the world?

Sri Chinmoy: My philosophy and your philosophy are the same: love, love, love. If you have love for somebody, then you are not going to quarrel and fight with him. And if he has love for you, who will fight? It is because people do not have peace inside their hearts that they fight. If somebody inwardly feels that he is weak, he tries to cover up his weakness by showing aggression. He tries to show how strong he is.

Now, if I feel inwardly strong, I am not going to fight with you. And if you feel inwardly strong, you are not going to fight with me. A little child goes and pinches his older brother or strikes him. Why? He wants to show that he is stronger than his older brother. The older brother already knows that he is much stronger than his little brother. So, out of compassion, he forgives his little brother. He says, "No, I do not want to fight with you." If we have peace, then we have love. And if we have love, then we have peace. Then where is the question of quarrelling and fighting?

How do we get this inner peace? If we do good things, we become good citizens of the world. We can read some spiritual books or pray and meditate or serve the world in some way. If we become truly good citizens of the world, then are we going to fight? The question of fighting does not arise at all.

He who loves God, he who loves Allah, is not going to fight. We pray to God four or five times a day to make us good human beings, to give us joy, to give us love, to give us peace. Who is going to pray to God, "God, give me the strength to destroy this person or that person"?

All those who want to become good people share the same philosophy: love, love, love.