Question: Nowadays people are doing things like grafting flowers to other flowers to create new forms. Is this done by the Supreme through man or is it something that the Supreme is merely tolerating?

Sri Chinmoy: I personally feel that it is the tolerance of the Supreme. According to me, Nature’s pristine beauty disappears when people change the colour of the flower and do all kinds of other things to it. I do not feel the Supreme is working in and through man at that time. The Supreme wants to keep Nature’s beauty in perfect condition, in its own natural way. But man finds that it is necessary to add to Nature’s beauty. Most of the time, we do not add anything to Nature’s beauty.

Once, for a special occasion, one of our girl disciples put all kinds of make-up on her face. Then one old man said, “Before, she was beautiful. Now she looks ugly.” In the same way, Nature’s spontaneous beauty is absolutely the best thing. By adding to it from our fertile brain, the human in us may appreciate the result, but the divine in us may not be able to appreciate it. The natural beauty of a flower God will appreciate. But by adding foreign beauty to this natural beauty, you are taking away almost the life-breath of the flower itself. Then again, what can you do? Human eyes appreciate beauty in their own way.