Question: Many religions claim that the Gods of other religions are false and only their God is the right one. You speak of the Supreme, but this does not seem to be a specific God to the exclusion of all other Gods. It is everyone's God, somehow. Your disciples are not strictly following a religion, but a path. Is that correct?

Sri Chinmoy: For us, there is only one God. Spiritual Masters of the highest order are but manifestations of God. God is like a tree. A tree has many branches. Each branch is powerful, but without the trunk, there can be no branches. God is the trunk of the tree. If one particular religion claims that their saviour is the only saviour, we cannot agree with them. Sri Krishna, Lord Buddha, the Saviour Christ and other great spiritual Masters and leaders of various religions are all manifestations of God.

To me, each religion is like a house. Today you have come from your house, and I have come from my house. Together we are meeting at this restaurant, Annam Brahma. In exactly the same way, all religions have to feel that they are only representing different houses. But we can all meet together in the same inner school.