Question: When we meditate with you, especially when we have a walk-past meditation, should we concentrate more on receiving divine qualities from you or on giving our undivine qualities to you?

Sri Chinmoy: You can try to do both at the same time. With one hand you give something, and with another hand you receive something. When you pass by me, at that time it is better to give first — to empty the vessel — and then take. First give me what you have and what you are, and then I shall give you what I am supposed to give you.

You have plenty of time to prepare yourself. About fifteen or twenty metres you have to walk before you come to me. During that time prepare yourself.

The first time you pass by me, I see the physical aspect — whether you are in a good consciousness or a low consciousness. The second time I do not see anything. I go into my highest consciousness. Then whatever you can receive, you receive.

Also, if you fold your hands, the mind at least makes an attempt to go higher and deeper. I do not receive your devotion, I do not need your devotion, and I do not expect your devotion. But if you have even an iota of devotion, it will expedite your spiritual journey. Devotion is not simply a matter of folding your hands. Some people can fold their hands and there is no devotion. Again, others will not fold their hands, but they will have devotion.

Please try to bring forward your devotion. And, if you already have devotion, then please try to increase it. Our philosophy is to transcend. If you keep the mind clear, the heart pure and the life very simple, then you can easily have devotion. And vice versa: if you have devotion, then the mind will be clear, the heart will be pure and the life will be simple.