Question: When I am in college, how can I always keep you in my heart?6

Sri Chinmoy: Early in the morning, when you meditate, try to feel that inside your heart there is a safe and inside that safe you have kept your most precious jewel, your most precious treasure, which is your Guru. Then imagine that you have placed love, devotion, surrender and gratitude-flowers all around the treasure. Imagine that there is a flower called love, a flower called devotion, a flower called surrender and a flower called gratitude. Imagine that you have decorated the outside of the safe with these four flowers. Imagine that you are seeing the beautiful flowers and that you are breathing in their fragrance.

Then, during the day, if you see that your colleagues are not aspiring, immediately close your eyes and imagine the flowers. Imagine that you are breathing in their fragrance. If you cannot imagine that you are seeing the flowers or breathing in the fragrance, then say, “Supreme, Supreme, Supreme,” as quickly as possible. While you are saying “Supreme” very, very fast, you will be able to see me inside the safe and breathe in the fragrance of the flowers.

These things take only a few seconds. Whenever your consciousness is about to descend, whenever unaspiring thoughts have entered into you, immediately do them. They will act like medicine, like an antidote for the poison. Again, when you have free time during the day, even if your consciousness is not descending, try to remember that you have a most secret and sacred safe inside your heart, and inside that safe is your Guru.

SCA 1110. Sri Chinmoy answered this question on 26 September 1989.