Question: I used to meditate for half an hour every morning, but recently I have only been meditating for fifteen minutes. Is it better to meditate longer?

Sri Chinmoy: If you can continue, certainly. Do you think if you meditate more than fifteen minutes and still maintain your height that it will not be better? If you can meditate for half an hour instead of for fifteen minutes, certainly it will be better for you.

Some people just wait to see when fifteen minutes are over. They meditate on the hands of the clock rather than on their hearts. Instead, if you want to try to hear the sound of your heartbeat, that will be very good. Then, after you develop the power of concentration, you can meditate on your heartbeat in any part of your body. If your mind is bothering you, you can bring the hammer — the heartbeat — there and strike the mind so that it will be good.