Question: I do not think that Western sports people in the past have considered that their sport would lead them to enlightenment!

Sri Chinmoy: No, I am not saying that. Sports only will help. We have to know how much importance we are giving to sports. Our goal is not to be the world’s greatest athlete. Our goal is to have physical fitness and for that only the amount of sports — of running, jumping, throwing or tennis — that is necessary we shall do. Not to neglect the body as such is our aim.

If we pray and meditate soulfully, how can we neglect the body? It is one of the five members of our family — body, vital, mind, heart and soul. We shall pray with our heart, we shall meditate, and then, when activity is demanded of the body, we shall not neglect it. We have to give due importance to each member of our family. If we pay attention only to one member, then will not the others feel sad? If a father has five children, he has to pay attention to all the five.