Question: How do you know which one is right for you?

Sri Chinmoy: That is the thing! You have to choose the one that gives you the most joy. If you get power, are you getting more satisfaction? Or when you develop some sweetness, tenderness, fondness is there more joy in your being? You have to decide. Then, as I said before, if the flower gives you more joy than the flame, then meditate on the flower inside your heart. If the flame gives you more joy, then meditate on the flame. And I tell my students, if my picture gives you more joy, then meditate on that.

Question: What will that effect be?

Sri Chinmoy: I am saying that from the joy you are growing.

Question: Just from the joy?

Sri Chinmoy: Joy expands. You look at the flower and then the beauty and purity of the flower enter into you. Then, if you feel purity, on that day you will not indulge in impure thoughts because already you have received purity from the flower.