Question: So there is no point in talking about it before?

Sri Chinmoy: It is a matter of belief. If I say that the mango is most delicious, then you will try to procure a mango and see for yourself. But if you do not believe me when I say that the mango is most delicious, if you say, “Oh no, he is telling a lie,” then you will not try to obtain one. So first we have to believe.

It is like a teacher and his students. If the teacher says he has seen the truth, then the students believe him. These people are my students. When I say that I have attained enlightenment, they believe me. By staying with me, they will be able to see whether I have attained enlightenment or not. If they see that I am a fake, then they will go away. So it is because of their belief in me that they have remained my students — and because of my belief in them, as well, that they are sincere and genuine seekers. They believe in my realisation and I believe in their aspiration, so it is our mutual belief that keeps us together.