Question: There are a lot of people who would suggest that the world situation is fairly tense right now.

Sri Chinmoy: That story we have heard right from the beginningless past! Four hundred years ago, if you read any history book, you will see that they said the world was going to end and people were not nice. You can start even from the Vedic era. Everybody, from the beginning of Creation, will say this world is not divine.

All right, it is not divine. Now also it is not divine, but the fact is that we are using the terms ‘divine’ and ‘perfect’. That means we have an inner urge to become perfect. When the very idea of goodness enters into our mind, that means we want to become good.

Our philosophy is to move forward. Once a sprinter leaves the starting blocks, he does not come back. He has to go forward until he reaches the goal.